Courses Phases

Phase/Step 1

This Phase/Step 1 course brings the riders to feel more confident and comfortable in the approach and negotiation of turns covering most of everything about braking, cornering and acceleration

Perfect for any motorcyclist with little or more riding experience...

You will discuss and work on eye lead, lines, counter steering, lean angle, traction, throttle control, braking, gear selection, downshifting, upshifting, body position, weight distribution, speed judgement, mental attitude and more.

All this is done using the very safe 7 turn Nelson Racetrack. Thru the day, you will negotiate over 250 turns and will shift and downshift about 120 times. Impossible not to improve.

Phase/Step 2

It is a follow up to the Phase 1. In Phase/Step 2, using the same 7 turn Nelson Track, you continue to perfect the riding techniques introduced in Phase/Step 1 but working with more speed. Knowing that racetrack already, it allows you faster speed much sooner. So you learn to modify some riding techniques to better suit the speed on a racetrack. You find out more about improving motorcycle stability, steering and traction.

You fine tune your vision, lines, body position, throttle control, brakes and acceleration. You find out much more how to make speeding much easier.

Phase/Step 3

In Phase/Step 3, you keep improving all the riding techniques introduced in Phase/Step 1 and upgraded in Phase/Step 2. Now with that experience, you move on to a faster and more demanding racetrack, the 10 turn Pro Track layout of the Shannnonville Motorsport Park. That racetrack allows a faster average speed with quicker turns. You pick up tricks to quickly and smoothly change direction going through 2 different chicanes.

The long straight away put you in a position to improve your confidence and precision in braking and downshifting. More racetrack riding techniques are also introduced to allow easier high speed rides.

Phases/Steps 1 & 2

Take advantage of being in it for 2 days in a row. It takes the whole first day Phase/Step 1 to touch base with all of the riding techniques introduced, learn the track layout and finally feel quite comfortable in your ride. But at that point the day is over. If you continue the next day in the same concept, you benefit from having everything fresh in your mind being ready to perform much sooner and with much more precision right from the start of that second day.

At this point, a course day is more demanding mentally than it is physically. So if you have problem with concentration, we suggest that you take those 2 courses at least one week apart.

Phases/Steps 2 & 3

With at least a Phase/Step 1 under your belt, you can take the advantage of working on you riding techniques for 2 days in a row experiencing 2 different racetrack layouts: The 7 turns Nelson Track and the 10 turns Pro Track layout.

These Phase/Step 2 and Phase/Step 3 courses are more focused on racetrack riding instruction and require a better control and concentration.


We teach using racetrack in order to provide controlled and safe conditions in an environment that approximates highway style roadways.